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Newsletter, April 25th, 2012

What's (not) going on in the Roman Catholic Church?

For the most part, I have enjoyed enriching friendships with progressive Roman Catholic laity and clergy. I have been impressed by their engagement with issues of justice and their practical care for the people in their communities.  We share Eucharist together (though officially not sanctioned) and tend to agree on the need for the RC Church to move ahead by accepting married clergy, the ordination of women, the acceptance of gay and lesbians, and the admittance of divorced people to communion.

pope benedictWhat is discouraging for me to witness however, is the repression of these voices by the hierarchy of the RC Church.  As an Anglican, I am tempted to remind them that what they are looking for already exists in the Anglican Church, so why not join in?  But for most Roman Catholics, this is clearly not the solution.  The solution is for the Pope and the Cardinals to allow discussion and to consider the voice of the baptized in revitalizing the life of the church.

The current climate suggests this is not likely to happen.  The chastising of the The Leadership Conference of Religious Women for their 'radical feminist rhetoric'; the Church of Ireland and Austria being reprimanded for bringing up topics that the Vatican has declared not-up-for-discussion - all this and more makes the chasm even wider between what ordinary Catholics believe and practice and the old boys club in Rome insist upon.  

A recent editorial in The Tablet (The International Catholic Weekly) describes the situation well:

Tacit disobedience in practice, for instance over birth control and increasingly over the admission of divorced people to Holy Communion, is already commonplace. Disobedience, in theory, includes a rejection of the arguments against ordaining married men and, increasingly, against the ordination of women. Lay Catholic attitudes to homosexuality have changed remarkably within a generation. There is no method of re-evangelisation that will turn this tide.

So who is adrift, the leaders or the led? Indeed, which is which? If dissenting clergy are little more than proxies for dissenting laity, then the real chasm opening up is between the senior hierarchy, the Vatican especially, and the lay faithful at large. But they are out of reach, because the Church has neglected to put institutions in place through which an honest dialogue can take place. A useful move would be to remedy that deficiency. First, however, the Vatican would have to give at least the appearance of listening. And that moment is still some way off.

The Jewish Annotated Biblejewish annotated nt

What a novel idea - to have Jewish scholars annotate The NRSV Bible with extensive footnotes and articles that help explain to Jewish and Christian readers alike the context and the meaning of the letters and gospels found in the NT.

I've just got my copy from Amazon ($24.14 in hardcover) and have only begun to appreciate the notes (much more extensive than in the Oxford Annotated NRSV) and started to read the articles included by editor Amy-Jill Levine.

If you'd like to get a better understanding of the reality of 1st century Judaism and the Jesus movement, this is a great place to start.

Weathering ‘Ecumenical Winter’
Where does the movement for Christian unity go from here?

Monday, May 7th, from 3 pm to 5 pm at MDTC

3475 University Street, Montreal, QC H3A 2A8

Website: http://www.dio-mdtc.ca/           See the poster


Bruce Myers is a graduate of Montreal Diocesan Theological College,
Archdeacon in the Diocese of Quebec and Coordinator for Ecumenical Relations for the Anglican Church of Canada.
(From The Anglican Journal) Bruce Myers, who holds a master's degree in ecumenical theology from the University of Geneva, now brings that passion to healing the divisions in Christendom, so much of which was united as one church for 15 centuries. "I think ordinary Christians of every denomination are questioning whether the differences are all that important when we share so much in common," he says. "The overarching ecumenical task is how to mend those broken fences and relations."



Montreal Diocesan Theological College Convocation
Monday, May 7th, at 7:30 pm. At St. Matthias Church, 10 Church Hill in Westmount.

Presentation of the Graduating Class of MDTC and of the EFM Program Honorary Doctorates to The Rev’d John Vissers and The Rev’d John Gibaut.
John Gibaut is director of the World Council of Churches' Commission on Faith and Order, a priest of the Anglican Church of Canada and will be delivering the
Convocation address.  All are welcome.  Reception to follow.
See the poster.

diocese of montreal
Anglican Diocese of Montreal
Check out the new website for the Diocese. 

Annual Bishop’s Dinner - Wednesday, June 13, 2012 
We gather to officially launch new Youth Ministry Initiatives for the Diocese of Montreal!  Our speaker will be the new Diocesan Youth Ministry Consultant,  Mark Dunwoody.  We will gather at the University Club, Montreal at 5:30 for cocktails and dinner at 6:30.  Tickets $200.00 (income tax receipt for $150.) 
Please contact Ardyth ext. 255 or Maria ext. 235  514-843-6577.  Details

Action Réfugiés - Montreal Executive Director - Job offer
Réfugiés Montréal is a non-profit organization working with refugees, founded in 1994 by the Anglican Diocese and the Presbyterian Church in Montreal. Our mandate includes advocacy and providing services to refugees.  PDF in english / in french

The new Youth Ambassador Program...
Our group of nine young Anglicans are training to represent the Diocese as they plan to visit our partner in British Columbia (Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior), attend the Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth Conference in Saskatchewan, and travel to our companion diocese in Southern Tanzania next summer. Where else might they go? And who will join them? That depends on interest, diocesan linkages, funding... and you! Your parish could participate in three ways:

- Nominate and sponsor a young person between 14 and 20 years of age;
- Adopt a Youth Ambassador for $300; he or she will visit your parish and keep you up-to-date on the program;
- Provide prayers, publicity and financial support

See the poster to find out how to get involved.


Plan Nord, plans Sud
Résistance dans les Amériques :
Crimes socio-environnementaux et minières canadiennes
Le 26, 27 et 28 avril 2012
320 rue Ste-Catherine Est, Pavillon J.-A.-DeSève, salle DS-R525,
Université du Québec à Montréal

Pour plus d’information

St. Matthias Church, Westmount

Celebrates its 100th Anniversary Site Centennial
Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 5:00 P.M.
The Right Reverend Barry Clarke, the Bishop of Montreal, will be joining us and will be the celebrant and preacher for this festive occasion. St. Matthias’ has played a leading role in the life of the diocese and indeed throughout the Anglican Church of Canada.
Friends and guests from across the country are being contacted and encouraged to join us for this great celebration. A special display of the history of the church will be on view, including pictures, artifacts and treasures that have been collected over the years.   Come and join parishioners and dear friends with vivid memories of the church from the early 1930’s right to the present time! 


à Montréal du 30 avril au 5 mai 2012   (*FULL)
Sponosered by the United Theological College
See the poster for more information.

Christ Church in Beaurepaire:

Healing Service will be Wednesday evening, May 2 nd at 7:00 PM.  This service will take place within an intimate environment with the opportunity for the "Laying on of Hands" and for being anointed.  The service will also include some praise music and is open to all who feel they can be benefited from such a service.  Those attending can receive prayer for themselves or for another. 

Praise Service will take place on Friday evening, June 15th at 7:30 PM.  This service will be an expression of our faith and joy and will be "family centred" with an opportunity for children involvement.  There is also be a few invited guests.  There will be a free will offering associated with this evening.

PWRDF Montreal Annual Meeting and Dinner
Thursday, May 10th, 2012  at 5:30 pm
1444 Union Ave, Fulford Hall, Montreal.

With guest speaker Adele Finney, Executive Director of PWRDF.
Call 514-843-6577 to reserve your ticket.  $10. 
The poster.

Festival of Homiletics: Transformational Preaching
May 14-18, 2012, Atlanta, Georgia.

Discover preaching at the crossroads at the annual Festival of Homiletics. 
Immerse yourself in a week-long, intensive examination of prophetic, emergent and transformational preaching.

"Faith on Tap"

McKibbin's Irish Pub
1426 Bishop Street
Montreal, Quebec. H3G-2E6
Thursday, May 17th, from 5 pm to 7 pm.
Join Jim McDermott and the group for lively discussion at the Faith on Tap gathering at McKibbin's Pub.  Raise a pint and talk faith, politics and religion; all those things that you were once told to avoid talking about.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Project Ecosphere
May 19th and 20th in Montreal
September 22nd and 23rd in Brome Village, QC

Dedicated exclusively to ecology and the environment, these two events aspire to raise collective awareness by bringing together key players in the environmental world.
Visit the website for more details.

Mission-Shaped and Rural
Come and explore the joys and challenges of being ‘mission-shaped’ in our rural contexts. The workshop is for both clergy and laity.  Come and bring a parish team! Location:  St. John’s Anglican Church, Ida, Cavan, ON. Click here for more details.

Marriage Preparation Workshops 2012

Courses given each month for those preparing for marriage. Enjoy a Friday evening and all-day Saturday together with other couples and two experienced facilitators as you explore the dynamics of marriage and relationships.  Courses take place at St. Paul's Church in Lachine.  The 2012 schedule has now been posted at this link.

Lay Readers' Workshops     

May 4th to 6th, Lay Reader Retreat
with Dean Louise Peters of ACPI

On Saturday, September 29th, "On Preaching"
with the Rev. Karen Chalk

November 17th: Study Day (speaker: Mark Dunwoody) and Commissioning

Saturday workshops are from 9 am to 2:30 pm
at Montreal Diocesan College, 3475 University.

No charge for 1st year lay readers; all others $10 per workshop.
Please bring a bag lunch.

Contact for further information.
Visit the Lay Readers' Website    The March 2012 Newsletter

indfulness for Children with Dr. Joseph Emet
Wednesday, June 6th, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
1444 Union Avenue, Fulford Hall, Montreal.
Supper is included.
See the flyer for more information.

MDTC Tuesday Evening Course
”The Roots of Christian Social Action”
6 Tuesday evenings, from 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm.
at Diocesan College, 3475 University, Montreal.
$50 for all sessions.  $10 per session.

April 10th:  The Biblical Roots of Social Justice, with Jim McDermott  
April 17th:  The Anglican Story, 1848-1940’s with Linden Rogers   
April 24th:  Radicalism in Montreal in the early 20th century, with  Linden Rogers  
May 1st:    Current Movements in the Canadian Anglican Church, with Bp. Barry Clarke
May 8th:    The Quebec Context.  with Bishop Dennis Dennis Drainville  
May 15th:   Biosphere, Noosphere and Hope, with McGill chaplain Neil Whitehouse

To register, please contact the . 

         Micah 6:8

Developing an Adult Faith for the 21st Century
May 4, 2012 - May 6, 2012, with Diarmuid O'Murchu
St. John's Convent and Guest House (SSJD) in Toronto

Caring for Aboriginal People: A Question of Respect
Thursday, June 21st, 2012
Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal

This event has been designed to better equip clergy, staff and lay leaders for ministry to Aboriginal people in the urban centres and rural areas of the Diocese of Montreal.

National Worship Conference 
(Anglicans and Lutherans)
JUNE 29 - JULY 2
at St. John's College, University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.


The theme of the conference is “Beyond the Fortress”, inviting participants to imagine worship outside our traditional walls, and worship that brings in traditions and cultures of people in our neighbourhoods, while still maintaining the richness of our own traditions.  You will be challenged to use ALL your senses as we explore movement, smells, images, touch, music, word and silence in bringing participants into God's presence.


The  keynote speakers are Doug Cowling, Anglican musician, author, liturgist, and regular contributor to CBC Radio, and Craig van Gelder, professor of congregational mission and leadership at Luther Seminary in Minnesota.  Check out the website for more details on these two great speakers who exemplify our theme through worship and through theological teaching.  There are several workshops offered that also carry through with the theme of the conference.  Register before April 30th, only $300.

Shalom Justice Camp: Uniting us all, Rural and Urban
August 19th to 24th, in Peterborough, Ontario.
Hosted by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.  The website.

CLAY 2012:  Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth
August 16th to 19th in Saskatoon.  The website.

Hyperlink will be the theme for the 2012 Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering. At the gathering we will be exploring all of the links in our lives and how God is involved with them. Check out the site to learn more about the theme, what is involved in a gathering, and how you can register with a team to be in Saskatoon.


Practical Tactical - Social Media 2012
September 21 -23, 2012.  Tatamagouche Centre, Nova Scotia

From social media strategy to persistent public relations, from web publishing to hacktivism, this workshop is for those who are eager to expand their communications scope and delve into the technologies that have sent thousands onto the streets in the Arab Spring, focused fundraising campaigns through cell phones, or educated policy makers through online petitions, blogs and twitter.


Since the early days of the internet there has always been the promise of democratization and the potential for social movements and community organizations to make waves, command attention, hold the powers that be accountable, or spread the word of the things we care about to more and more people. Yet the reality has been an internet that resembles a shopping mall rather than a public square ripe for political and social activism and dialogue. The core configuration of the still "new" media allows for the ability for social movements and democratic gadflies to seize the day and carve out new spaces for public interest, activism and public policy.


This workshop will be hands on, combining theory and practice as we work together to talk about and use the toolbox/skillset required to run network-centric organizations, and network-centric campaigns. Bring your own project to work on or work on one that is spontaneously started at the workshop.  Facilitators Jesse Hirsh (CBC Radio) and Margaret Tusz-King.

Habiter la Terre” (“Inhabit the Earth”)
In Drummondville, Quebec, October 16, 2012
2nd Green Church Conference.

The conference will be an opportunity for participants to reflect on our relationship with the Earth and discuss solutions to help us take better care of it. The event will be held at Saint-Nicéphore church in  The day's activities will take place in French because of this year’s location. Some 200 participants are expected to attend, from the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Evangelical and Reformed Churches.  Visit the website.

Resurrection  -  by F.R. Scott


Christ in the darkness, dead,new life

His own disaster hid.

His hope for man, too soon

Sealed with the outer stone.


This heaven was at hand,

Men saw the promised land,

Yet swiftly, with a nail

Made fast the earlier rule.


All saviours ever to be

Share this dark tragedy;

The vision beyond reach

Becomes the grave of each.


And that of him which rose

Is our own power to choose

Forever, from defeat,

Kingdoms more splendid yet.


Play Easter to this grave

No Christ can ever leave.

It is one man has fallen,

It is ourselves have risen.



Montreal Diocesan Theological College
3475 University
Montreal, Quebec

Visit the website

tel: 514-849-4437


March 14th, 2012

February 1st, 2012

Tim Smart to include information in the newsletter about an upcoming educational event in your parish.


 "I have known many very saintly nuns in my life but very few saints who work in chancery offices!" 

- Nicholas Cafardi, Catholic law expert

Stories on the Way
Sunday School Resources for small groups of children.
Written by the Rev. Rhonda Waters.

The Community
An online place for Canadian Anglicans to discuss issues of common interest.


Social Justice Committee
Conscious that many of the world's impoverished peoples are victims of social injustice, and inspired by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its mission is to engage Canadians in working for a more socially just world.

Clean Water Improves Health and Lives in Tanzania

Bad Religion: How We became a
Nation of Heretics
NPR Interview with NYTimes columnist Ross Douthat.


Still Presence Spirituality Centre
Spring Newsletter

Check out what's going on in the Anglican Church of Canada

Fresh Expressions Canada

SSJD Toronto Retreats, Quiet Days and Workshops offered throughout the year.